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Menecon Consulting is an independent UK-based energy-consulting firm. We offer independent, high-quality professional advice on a range of strategic, policy and economic issues affecting all aspects of the energy business.

Our clients include major international oil and gas companies, electricity and gas utilities, international organisations, governments and regulators in more than a dozen countries around the world.

You will find on this site information about our firm, the products and services that we provide, examples of the work we have carried out, who we work for and how to contact us.

Latest News

A very merry Xmas and ahappy, prosperous, healthy and energetic 2016 from all of us at Menecon Consulting!

22 December 2015

Trevor Morgan, Managing Director of Menecon Consulting, made a presentation on the global macroeconomic outlook and implications for LPG at the opening session of the ACI LPG Trade Summit in Istandul today.

24 November 2015

The World LPG Association just released a new report, which we prepeared, on the role of LPG in in the global energy transition. You can download a copy for free here.

10 May 2015

The IEA just released the latest edition of its Wolrd Energy Outlook - the world's leading source of energy-market analysis and projection - to which Menecon Consulting made a major contribution (see box opposite).

12 November 2014

A new Menecon Consulting report, LP Gas and Electricity Demand-Side Management, is published today.

22 October 2014

The World LP Gas Association (WLPGA) has just released a paper prepared by Menecon Consulting on the role of liquefied petroleum gas in meeting the energy needs of small island developing states.

11 July 2014

The International Energy Agency has just released its annual World Energy Outlook. As in previous years, Menecon Consulting's Managing Director, Trevor Morgan, made a major contribution to the WEO - the IEA's flagship publication and the world's most widely read energy publication - conducting analysis into key issues and drafting several chapters (see panel on the right).

12 November 2013

Trevor Morgan took part in a panel discussion on Autogas at the Global LP Gas Forum in London today. The event is the biggest gathering of the LP Gas industry, and was attended by more than 3 000 industry executives.

2 October 2013

We are pleased to announce that Jason Elliot has joined Menecon Consulting as Senior Associate. Great to have you on board, Jason!

22 January 2013

The International Energy Agency today released its latest World Energy Outlook.

12 November 2012

Trevor Morgan today made two presentations at a special conference in Bogota, Colombia, on LPG. The first described the attributes of LPG in different sectors, including its comparative environmental performance, while the second assessed global markets for autogas (LPG used as a road-transport fuel), focusing on the role of policy incentives. The national regulator will make use of the information and insights from all the presentations made at the event in preparing pricing and taxation reforms. The government is also expected to legalise the use of autogas and encourage the development of the market.

23 August 2012

Autogas Incentive Policies - 2012 Update, a major study prepared by Menecon Consulting on behalf of the World LP Gas Association has just been published by the Association. It can be downloaded free of charge from the WLPGA website.

2 May 2012

Trevor Morgan spoke at the International LPG Conference in Warsaw on 9 March. The event, organised by POGP - the Polish LPG Association - brought together around 150 senior executives from the LPG industry around the world. Trevor discussed recent developments in global autogas markets and assessed the key success factors in establishing a sustainable autogas market. Trevor's presentation can be downloaded here.

11 March 2012

Trevor Morgan spoke at the ICIS 7th World Olefins Conference in Brussels today, presenting the latest developments in shale gas and their implications for global gas markets and the olefins sector (see the banner on the right).

29 February 2012

The final report of the the MCA4Climate project, which Menecon Consulting helped to prepare for the United Nations Environment Programme, is now available to be downloaded freely from the UNEP website. MCA4climate is a major new UNEP initiative providing practical assistance to governments in preparing their climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. It is designed to help governments, particularly in developing countries, identify policies and measures that are low cost, environmentally effective and consistent with national development goals.

21 February 2012

Trevor Morgan, Managing Director of Menecon Consulting, took part in a Webinar organised by the World LP Gas Association on 20 December 2011 entitled Autogas Incentives Policies – A Global View of What Works.

World Energy Outlook 2014

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The International Energy Agency released the latest edition of its World Energy Outlook - the IEA's flagship publication and the world's most widely read energy publication - on 12 November 2014. Trevor Morgan, Menecon Consulting's Managing Director, made a major contribution to several chapters, including those covering coal,electricity and fossil-fuel subsidies.

Drawing on the latest data and policy developments, the report presents analytical insights into trends in global energy markets and what they mean for energy security, environmental protection and economic development. It sets out updated projections of energy demand, production, trade, investment and carbon-dioxide emissions, broken down by country, fuel and sector, to 2035.

To find out more about the report and how to order a copy, please click here>


Autogas Incentive Policies

The 2014 update of the study of autogas policies now available from the WLPGA


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