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Autogas Incentive Policies - 2014 Update

A Country-by-Country Analysis of Why & How Governments Promote Autogas & What Works

Autogas – LPG used as a transport fuel – is the most widely used and accepted alternative to the conventional oil-based fuels, gasoline and diesel, in the world today. Sales of autogas are growing quickly in many countries, thanks to its inherent environmental, practical and cost advantages over other alternative fuels and effective government policies to encourage its availability and use. But in some cases, autogas market development is being held back by policies and measures, such as unfavourable tax rates and regulations, that fail to account fully for the social benefits of switching to autogas.

In 2006, Menecon Consulting prepared a major new report - published jointly with the World LP Gas Association - explaining why and how governments encourage people and businesses to switch to autogas, and assesses the critical success factors in sustaining growth in autogas use. Menecon Consulting has since updated the report several times: the last major update was in 2014.

Based on an extensive country-by-country survey of 12 of the world’s largest autogas markets, this in-depth study reveals what types of policies work and why. Key features include:

  • An up-to-date review of the current status of autogas policies in each country surveyed.
  • A comparison of average annual tax rates and pump prices across countries.
  • Historical trends in autogas and conventional fuel prices and taxes.
  • Analysis of how competitive autogas is relative to gasoline and diesel, taking account of all fuel and vehicle taxes and subsidies in each market.
  • An overall assessment of the key drivers of autogas demand and implications for policy design.
  • An update of recent evidence about the comparative environmental performance autogas vehicles.

You can download a free copy of this ground-breaking report today from the WLPGA website.



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